Mosaic Plus Build A Live Photo Mosaic, One Photo At A Time

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Our Mosaic Plus package is one of our most popular services, and it gives guests at your event a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of something amazing.

Mosaic Plus is a fun, engaging way for guests to become more involved with your event. It’s a great way to attract people to have their photo taken, and it can be used at corporate events, parties, conferences, product launches, exhibitions and more.

Based in Hong Kong, we serve all districts, and look forward to bringing our interactive, innovative activity to your event or party.

Our photo mosaic wall will make sure your guests remember your big night – and that they’re all in it together. Close up? You’ll see individual photos. Far away? The bigger picture is revealed.

What’s more, all photos are automatically sourced directly from Instagram, Twitter, our on-site photo booth and our on-site photographer’s camera. No stress, and no wait!

How It Works Create a stunning photo mosaic in three easy steps…


Your guests snap a photo using their phone or our photo booth…


Share the image directly on Instagram and get an instant print out…


The image Came Out via Instant Printer…


The image becomes part of the mosaic right away!

What Is Mosaic Plus?

A photo mosaic uses hundreds of small photos to create an image or logo – a mosaic – using photos all taken during the event.

Our Mosaic Plus service allows your guests up to 60 seconds to take their photo – meaning there’s plenty of time to snap that perfect shot – and they can instantly upload their snaps to Instagram.

Within a few seconds, the photo will be printed out and placed onto the mosaic, creating a stunning, memorable keepsake you can look back on for years to come.

State Of The Art Technology At Your Next Event!

Our specialized software is years in the making, ensuring the perfect photo mosaic is created, every single time. It automatically determines the perfect photo placements, uses SMART photo cropping technology and supports mosaics of all sizes! Our technology also supports three operational modes, including FIFO, Max Match and Green Screens.

Where Are Live Event Photos Sourced From?

We use a number of methods to gather photos for your mosaic. This includes:

  • Twitter (users upload pics using a special hashtag)
  • Instagram (again, users use a special hashtag)
  • On-site photographer
  • PC-Agent
  • Our on-site Photo-Booth (which can even be enlarged with the “Mirror Plus” add-on
  • Hashtag Printer
  • MMS Testing
  • Google Photos and Dropbox

How Is The Mosaic Displayed?

When it comes to rendering the mosaic, you have four options. You can choose from:

  1. Live Digital Mosaic
  2. Live Digital Slide Show
  3. Live Physical Mosaic
  4. Modular, Lightweight Hardware Mosaic

See Mosaic Plus For Yourself Take a look at some of our stunning creations…

Why Choose Us? 

Here at Wememberplus, we’re passionate about making an impact at your event, party or conference. Our Mosaic Plus service helps you create a long-lasting memory, while letting your guests have fun and let their hair down.

When you book Mosaic Plus for your event, our team will install the photo booth and mosaic canvas and get everything set up before your event begins. Two members of staff will be present throughout the event, offering technical support and showing guests how to take snaps, upload them to Instagram and place them onto the mosaic.

Our Photo Mosaic service is something completely different. It’s unlikely your guests will have experienced anything like a mosaic wall before

And it’s sure to help create a memorable night!

Just take a look at some of our recent events below…

Book Mosaic Plus For YOUR Event Want to learn more or book Mosaic Plus for your next event? Complete the short form below, and we’ll be in touch to confirm your booking!

Mosaic Plus Entire Pack

HK$ 9999 4 Hour Service
  • Instant Instagram Photo Upload or Instant Photo Taking
  • Take Time for 30-60s per photo
  • Free Installation & Dismantle
  • Free Local Shipping
  • Free Technical Support (On-Site Helper x 2)