Give Your Guest the Ultimate Video 360 Plus

Want To Give Your Events An Extra Touch Of Life And Keep Your Guests Coming Back For More?

Then You Need Our New And Excellent Orcavue 360 Video Booths.

The Video 360 Plus Rental Service

Our 360 video booths are exciting and memorable ways of engaging your audience at your special events and gatherings.

This booth brings a breathtaking dimension to the conventional video booths. It allows your event attendees to capture their unique experiences via full 360 degrees slow-motion videos.

The feeling is always greater with a 360 slow-motion video.

Why Go For a 360 Video Booth?

Not only does your business craft a long-lasting message, but your audience gets to walk away with memories they’re actually happy to keep.

Redesign It to Your Taste

You can fully customize your event videos. From Backdrops to bumper videos, set designs, Video effects and everything else. This gives you an extra opportunity to make the event special for your client.

Beat the competition by providing your guests with high quality videos

Give your guests a beautiful and super-HD looks with the right Lighting and the right cameras.

Receive Extra Social Media Attention Instantly

Your guests don’t have to wait till after the event To share the memory. Our videos are rendered and made available almost Instantly for guests to receive via their devices and share On their social media handles almost instantly.

Get More Vital Data For Your Marketing Decisions

Capturing your guests’ data for marketing and research purpose is simpler with our 360 video booths. This enables you to make informed Decisions on future events easily.

Generate More Revenue with Branded Content

Make an extra income on your event by customizing the Event backdrops and branded videos which receive huge Organic impressions and engagements on social media. You Can sell out advertisement spaces to organizations and companies.

How It Works

Video 360 Plus is incredibly simple…

1. Strike a Pose For 360 Slo-Mo Video

Your guest steps on the Orcavue 360 video booth And as the arms start rotating, our system begins to Snap and record series of videos which our software Immediately uploads, processes and renders.

2. Watch Your Video On Big Screen

instantly after shooting the video, your guests can view them on the slideshow system.

3. Share the Moment

All your guests have to do is to visit our Sharing stations at the event grounds to interact With the videos and share them instantly on their Social media platforms.

4. Data Capture

your marketing events and activations require data for post-event analysis. Our customizable Activation platform captures all Data of guests instantly and tabulates Them as post-event reports and data Files.

Take A Look At Video 360 Plus For Yourself...

Here’s just some of the snaps we’ve helped create for our clients…

Why Choose Wemember Limited

We are very experienced

With over 5 years of experience in managing Events and having handled over 150 events, We know just how best to treat your event Coverage.

Celebrities Trust Us

Your favourite celebrities such as Lam Auston, Grace Daniel Adason Lo and Ava Lui trust us to handle their special Events.

We are reliable

We guarantee timely communication. And we never disappoint our clients. There’s always a backup plan.

We are professional

We have a team of well-trained And talented professionals who Place their professionalism above Everything else.

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Video 360 Plus Entire Pack

HK$ 9999 4 Hour Service
  • Instant Instagram Photo Upload
  • Take Time for 20-30s per photo
  • Unlimited Photo Printing
  • Variety Photo Frame Template
  • Free Installation & Dismantle
  • Free Local Shipping
  • Free Technical Support (On-site Helper x1)